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The Ultimate Digital Mixer - expandable with up to 64 inputs - Every input features 48 Bit EQ, compressor, expander, 8 x Aux Sends, Delay, Dynamic Automation of every console function, 5.1 Surround sound panning with Joystick and rotary encoders as well as a very reasonable price tag... custom built with a wide selection of i/o options. 

Now available on approx. 3 month delivery !

TAD Main Monitors 
The Ultimate Large-Scale studio monitoring system. 
Natural, Accurate and very Beautiful ! TAD offer a wide range of components and complete systems - In conjunction with the Hitso Acoustic Design service we can provide a truly superb control room/main monitor package to satisfy the most demanding of Producers and Engineers
Superb Live Sound Systems also available to order...


Earthworks Microphones

Some of the cleanest sound mics currently available. Very elegant.

Capable of handling very high SPL making them the ultimate Drum Mics for studio work - also stunning on Piano, Brass, fact anything that needs accuracy and clarity.
The range has recently increased to offer several excellent live sound mics offering superb sound at a very realistic price - very well worth checking out !

  Rosendahl Sync and Clock devices

How to make your digital equipment work properly and sound right .......essential for all Audio Post studios and a 'must-buy' for anyone who uses digital mixers and multitracks.......


  Ashly Power Amps and Digital System Controllers

  Excellent Power Amps and Superb 24-Bit speaker controllers....

Bellari Valve Outboard

If you really want valve sound..this is the real thing...more character than anything else we know of that is still in production !  Warm as warm can be........if you lThe RP583  Studio Tube Compressor/Limiterove valves you'll love both the sound and price of this range of compressors and exciters...

Studio Technologies 5.1 and Stereo monitor controllers

The best professional answer to surround monitoring ... and also a great solution to talkback and stereo monitoring problems when using workstations

  Clio Audio and Acoustics Test Set

Zoom Clio A great way to get your room monitors sounding right as well as a good general purpose piece of test gear. Sits in a PC, does its job well and doesn't break the bank ! Very useful. Now with a selection of interface software options, a lite version for simple tasks and a QC version for automated, repeatable test procedures....

RME cards- the ultimate PC Audio interface....

How to get load of audio channels in and out of your PC or MAC with superb quality, the minimum of fuss...and zero latency !

Rode Valve Microphones

Gorgeous valve mics with a wonderful sound...and price tag. If you want character, power and warmth from your vocals then these are the ones to try ! Stunning resolution with the mid range only valves can bring.....