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  TAD, in conjunction with Hitso Digital, offer a wide range of very high quality speaker system - both as the "Off the Shelf" systems for Studio or Live use as described below, or as custom monitors designed as part of a Control Room acoustic design package to give you the ultimate in smooth, accurate and natural sounding monitoring for your studio.



For more details on "Off the shelf" systems and also TAD components please go directly to the TAD Website, then contact us for exact pricing and custom details.


MODEL 2401 is a scientifically-designed monitor speaker system combining five TAD speaker components-two TL-1601a low frequency loudspeakers, one TD-4001 high frequency driver, one TH-4001 stabilized dispersion horn, and our TN-1 dividing network. It is designed for use in large studio control rooms. It provides both high power at all frequencies and superior transient response-a rare combination. Thanks to the use of two parallel-driven low frequency loudspeakers, the maximum sound pressure level is a particularly high 126db/W at 1m. Its dispersion pattern is critically controlled, based on our tests of actual studio acoustics: response is smooth over a wide listening area, and consistently clear directivity can be enjoyed.


Speaker Components
bulletTL-1601a (2 each) low frequency loudspeaker
bulletTD-4001 high frequency compression driver
bulletTH-4001 high frequency horn


To find out more about the range of TAD monitors and components

Please check out the TAD website, then contact us for a further design details and a quote for your studio installation 


Key Benefits

bulletSuperb Sonic Accuracy
bulletHigh SPL and Reliability
bulletWide range of both Studio and Live sound systems


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