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Considering working in Surround Sound ? Ever wondered how to turn all 6 monitor speakers up or down at the same time ? The Model 58/59 or the 68/69 are the ideal professional, high quality solution - easily installed with loads of calibration to allow exact setting up of your system.

Hav you ever wondered how to adjust stereo monitor level and do talkback when using a PC based workstation or DAW ? Try the model 50/51 systems as the ideal, professional solution.

Come check them out at out Bangkok Demonstration Studio

For full details of the Studio-Tech product range please go to their Website..then call us for local prices and dealer support 


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Surround Monitor Controllers

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Model 58 Central Controller / Model 59 Control Console

The StudioComm for Surround Model 58 Central Controller and the Model 59 Control Console are designed to monitor 4-, 6-, or 8-channel formats. Using these components a system can be configured to meet a facility's exact monitoring requirements.

A system starts with a Model 59 Control Console, a compact but comfortable "command center," that is designed to reside at the operator's location. using a single 9-pin cable, a Model 59 connects to up to four Model 58 Central Controllers. Each Model 58 supports four 2-channel inputs and two output channels in a single rack space. By selecting two, three, or four Model 58s, 4-, 6-, or 8-channel systems can be created




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Model 65 Bass Manager

The Model 65 Bass Manager is designed to enhance the monitoring of multi-channel audio sources during the recording, mixing, mastering, and distribution process. The Model 65 is applicable for any multi-channel monitoring environment where some or all channels are not supported with loudspeakers having extended low-frequency response. Resources are included in the Model 65 to make it appropriate for cinema, music, and broadcast applications. The Model 65ís design is oriented toward directly supporting 5.1-type applications. The five main channels are full bandwidth, and use the industry-standard designation of left, center, right, left surround, and right surround. The ".1" channel is designated as LFE, which is also referred to as low-frequency effects, "boom," or subwoofer. The LFE term originated in cinema formats but is now part of music and broadcast formats as well


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Model 68A Central Controller / Model 69A Control Console

The combination of the Model 68A Central Controller and Model 69A disk-based recording systems. Itís also ideal for upgrading a post-production or broadcast facility to support multi-channel monitoring. For the first time, multi-channel monitoring features such as source selection, level control, and downmix are available in an easy-to-use, cost-effective system.




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Stereo Monitor and Talkback Controllers

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Model 60 Central Controller / Model 61 Control Console

The Model 60 Central Controller and the Model 61 Control Console are part of the successful StudioComm family of products. Designed as a cost-effective alternative to the Model 50/51 and 55/56 combinations, the Model 60 and Model 61 provide the most commonly asked for features in a compact, easy-to-use package. StudioComm equipment is ideal for audio production facilities that require flexible routing, monitoring, and communications. Model 60 and Model 61 features include insert switching, control room monitoring, dub (copy) output, and integrated headphone cue system. With these features, StudioComm products can dramatically increase production efficiency in disk-based recording and editing facilities. A complete system consists of a rack-mounted central controller and a desktop control console


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