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Almost every Sound House can offer you the standard CD based sound effects libraries - indeed we have one of Thailand's largest selection of sound effects CD's ....however because of the extensive range of equipment available, combined with the creative skill of our operators we can also offer a custom service to create new and exciting sound effects exactly tailored to work within your TVC or Corporate Production. 

We use the full facilities of both our 48 track and 24 track studios, as well as location recording to sculpt exactly the character and feel you need to work best with your production.

Members of our Sound Design team have been involved in over 80 Hollywood movies including Godzilla, Mission Impossible II, Air Force One and Brave heart (for which they won Oscars for sound) Gladiator, The Patriot and many more....

Whilst we do charge an additional fee for this specialised work, the added dimension that good custom sound design can bring to a TVC or feature film makes it a very wise investment...

We can also provide a wide range of authentic Asian atmosphere and background sound tracks.

Please contact us in advance if you have any special requests or wish specific sounds to be created for you....

Key Benefits

bulletUnique sounds not heard in other production
bulletSpecific 'character' for brand image or corporate image
bulletCreating exactly the right mood in your production


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