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64 Input Project X Mixer in Straight Line Format (Also available in a curved format)

The X control surface conquers the digital console night-mare of deep, multi-menu function access and adjustments by providing 100mm faders with Virtual Fader automation metering and a full complement of detented rotary shaft encoder knobs that are large enough for human fingers to use for easy parameter selection and creative adjustment. Project X is a one position console. All functions are within easy visual scan and physical reach of your creative sweet spot. You can exercise your creative art, not your upper body extensions. Function and parameter selections and adjustments are monitored on a large vacuum fluorescent display in the center of the Master Module — in the center of the sweet spot. Stereo and surround panning are performed with either a joystick or pair of rotary panpots for left/right and front/surround image locating. Mixing today in stereo and tomorrow in Surround — Project X really does let you push the state of your creative art totally digitally.

A 32 channel X measures just three feet wide. A fully configured 64 input X is just 5 feet wide. Audio signals, power supply and central processor functions are all kept in the equipment racks and away from the control surface. Each X module connects with the fanless CPU with just a power cord and a serial data cable. There are no interconnections between the modules so you can further exercise your creativity in how X is physically arranged in your studio or on location.

Key Benefits

Expandable to 64 channels. 24 tape buses, 64 mic preamps Flexible user specified AES/EBU TDIF, ADAT and/or analog I/O Analog and AES/EBU digital stereo main outs (44.1 kHz or 48kHz f)

AES & IEC958 (S/PDIF) stereo aux. input with long throw fader

Snapshot automation, provides "seamless" scene changes Dynamic automation control over every function:

read. write, update, write to end, write to beginning, undo change and rehearse switches. Virtual Fader™ animated LED display of automation playback levels. Null indicators make it easy to move into update mode. Extensive onboard automation memory 20 bit A:D and D:A converters Circle Surround 5.2.5™ encoding in the digital domain on the lt-rt Outputs. Conservative 110dB dynamic range, less than 0.002% THD typical 20-20kHz)

24 bit dynamic processing at every input simultaneously including aux. sends, phase reverse, expander, compressor with side chain, four-band parametric EQ (pre or post fader), hi & lo pass filters, 42 ms offset delay, and stereo and surround panning

Two internal 24 bit time domain effects processors, delay, chorus, pitch shift, reverb

One operator center position design for sweet spot mixing

Twelve instant access rotary shaft encoders with large knobs for parameter adjustments

Inputs may be "stereo linked" to adjacent channels

Assign any input channel to any output tape bus

Assign any channel to any group

Aux sends have separate mute switches and pre or post fader operation

8 Stereo returns

Send and return metering

MIDI in, out/thru


Pricing - depends on exact specification - please contact us for further details


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