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KPM, Video Helper, West One, and other Libraries

bulletLow Costs per 30 second use (depending upon region)
bulletNo time limit on use within any given edit
bulletHigh audio quality with lots of impact
bulletVery wide range of musical styles 

Copyright Free Music Libraries

bulletNo charge for use of the music
bulletNo time limit on use

Hitso Digital has one of Asia's largest and most up-to-date production music selections including the entire KPM collection - the worlds’ premier needle drop music library, as well as the entire Video Helper library, West One, 615, Non-Stop-Music, the Soundtrax Library, Image Library and many others


Click here for details of our Production Music Library fees

About The KPM and Video Helper libraries

Unlike most other production music libraries, KPM offers quality as well as quantity, incorporating every style and genre from full orchestral productions by the London Symphony Orchestra to the latest in Dance or Jungle music, whatever you require.

With thousands of tracks on over 500 CDs as well as the KPM Finder CR-ROM to help you select the best track for your needs -  KPM represents the current State-Of-The-Art in needle-drop libraries.

EMI constantly update the KPM library to keep in touch with current musical trends making sure that you’re never left behind. Do let us know about your up-coming productions so we can suggest great new tracks to fit the mood and style of your work...

Produced in the UK by great composers in some of the best studios ensures that the music stands apart from all other production music.

The Video Helper  library offers an alternative, and somewhat more bizarre, selection of tracks to really make your work stand out from the crowd !

If you like what you hear and want to have a better listen to KPM, Video Helper and our other libraries, give us a call and come over to see how Hitso Digital can give you a sound second to none.

But don’t take our word for it, let the music speak for itself.

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