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The Studio 2 Toy Cupboard...

Here is a run-down of the equipment used in studio 3 - if you require any further detail please contact us directly... just click here to see what gear Studio 1 has.

bulletAll our equipment is maintained in perfect condition to ensure fast, easy sessions
bulletAll digital and video equipment is accurately clocked from a central SPG for clarity 
bulletWe can offer a wide range of Digital, Class A, and Valve (Tube) technology


A selection of equipment that allows the engineer and producer a wide palette of sound 'colors' to work with in order to produce  the right mood and feel for any given production....The perfect room for all but the most sophisticated jobs - ideal for tracking up to 24 tracks at a time for subsequent 48 track mixes in studio 1. A more economical solution to your high-end audio needs. Please call us to discuss your particular needs and to choose the best room for your job.

Video Facilities
Sony Betacam SP, Portia Digital Random Access Video Recorder, VHS
Picture Monitors
Control Room -  29" Video Monitor.  Studio -  14" Video Monitor
Mixing Console
Project X - 48 Input Digital Mixer with full 5.1 Surround Panning on each input, 
The smoothest, most analogue sounding 48 -Bit EQ on all channels, 
48 x full compressors with Pultec type characteristics, 
48 x Gates/Expanders and 'hush' noise reduction for guiter amps and the like, 
48 x Digital Delays for correcting mic positions for phase accuracy,
8 x Aux sends (pre or post, fully dynamically automated), Hi and Lo Filters.
Dolby Pro-Logic TM compatible encoders/decoders,
All console parameters are adjustable from the central master section for optimum monitoring, full dynamic automation of every mixer switch and rotary control with full recall of all settings. 
The American alternative to Neve with the smoothest, most natural sound of any digital mixer we have ever worked with ! The Ultimate...also has 2 x very funky onboard 24 bit Effects Units !
Otari RADAR  24 track. Full editing features. Backup onto Exabyte drives for long term reliability. Probably the best sounding multitracks in the world....
Editors (DAW)
Steinberg Nuendo/RME editor.
2-Track & Master Recorders and Formats
Otari DTR-90 Timecode DAT recorder, Plextor SCSI CD Writer, Sony Minidisc, Sony Betacam,   DDP format Exabyte for risk-free CD Manufacture and also Dennon Cassette.
A wide range of Near-Field monitors are available according to your taste - these include Genelec S30C, Genelec 1030, Genelec 1029, KRK ...and my mates' Ghetto-Blaster....
Outboard Effects
We have 2 x T.C Electronic M2000 engines with  AES connection to the digital 

1 x TC M6000 reverb and MD3 Dynamics algorithms on a TC Powercore mainframe...

TC Electronic Finalizer for fast and easy main output compression for loud on-air results !
2 x Onboard Digital Effects processors within the Project X offering simultaneous Delays, Duckers, Reverbs, Chorus in any combination on both you sounds that are virtually impossible to get on conventional effects processors !

Microphones and DI Boxes

Rode Classic Valve microphone - very warm and powerful sound - multiple patterns

Rode NTK - Valve Microphones with large format capsule - again warm, rich sounding mics

Neuman TLM 193 - very clean Solid State, large diaphragm microphone

Earthworks mics - small capsule omni's - very natural and detailed sound. Stunning bass..

Sure Beta 57's - just in case you want a dynamic on your drums !

4 x Channels of Bellari Valve DI boxes to warm your synths up......

Other gear is available upon request.........

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