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The QTC1 is wonderful for ambient miking and for quiet sources and is also great for close miking. The QTC1 will capture the full size and natural texture of many difficult and complex sources. They are an excellent choice for all applications where natural, uncolored pick up of sound is the desired result. The QTC1 is excellent for Percussion, Piano, Guitar, Upright Bass, Strings, Vocals, Brass, Woodwinds, Location Recording of Classical, Jazz, Ethnic, Folk and Pop music. Also useful for Foley, ADR, Sound Effects and Sampling.

If you prefer transparency to coloration this is the microphone of your dreams!

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Frequency response on axis: 1dB 4Hz to 40kHz   

Polar pattern: Omnidirectional. 

Sensitivity: 30 mV/Pa (-30.5 dBV/Pa) 

Power requirements: 48V Phantom,10mA 

Max acoustic input: 142 dB SPL with 5K load Peak output voltage: 3V into 1K ohm, 10V into 5K 

Output: XLR intended to drive a balanced input (Pin 2+) Min output load: 600 ohms at pin 2 and pin 3 

Noise: 22dB SPL equivalent (A weighted) 

Dimensions (L x D): 229mm x 22mm (9 x .860 inches) Weight: 225g (.5 lb)

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Key Benefits

bulletVery Natural Sound
bulletHigh SPL capability
bulletSuperb bass response


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