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CLIO, by Audiomatica, is a complete and reliable electro-acoustic measurement system. CLIO is the easiest and least expensive way to test electronic equipment, loudspeaker systems and execute acoustical room analysis. The software release 4.5 and the quality control software plug-in make CLIO even more attractive adding new functionality to this already complete package.

For more details and software downloads please go directly to the Audiomatica Website


THE HARDWARE OF CLIO Zoom ClioCLIO, housed on a standard IBM-PC board, and available as either an ISA or a PCI card, works as a precision A/D D/A audio front-end for your PC; once fitted in a laptop it gives you the power of a lightweight portable instruments for on-field acoustical measurements; it is capable of generating any pre-defined stimuli like already defined signals: sine, two-tone, burst, white and pink noise, MLS (maximum length sequence) and all the others in its libraries saved on disk; on the other hand it is capable of analyzing the signal present at its inputs both in frequency and time domains; the wide range of programmable output attenuation (resolution of 0.1 dB) and input gain allows an easy interface to the outer world; the software controls the two input channels separately or as a single balanced one. Dual DMA handling permits both generation and acquisition to be performed in background giving maximum flexibility and ease of operation. The CLIO board can be directly connected to a microphone without the need for an external preamplifier.




You can enter the CLIO world in three different ways. If you only need a limited, but still powerful, version of CLIO then choose CLIO Lite and its unbeatable price! If you need the full power of our professional package choose CLIO Standard. And if you need the extra flexibility required for testing and controlling a production line then add the Quality Control Plug-in. Now also available as CLIOwin with a Window interface for easier viewing.


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