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Key Benefits

Continuity between tracks and an increased feeling of 'flow' throughout an album

More power and 'loudness' from your mixes

Improvements in overall audio quality and correct formatting for CD Manufacture




Utilizing the Wavelab/Nuendo or SADiE ,and by including a wide range of Valve, Class-A (Focusrite) and digital audio processors including the Lexicon 960L and TC M6000 dynamics package (MD3) coupled with the finest monitoring and room acoustics we can really make your album stand out ! All stereo and Surround formats and all sample rates from 44.1KhZ up to 192kHz in either 16 or 24 bit resolution are accepted !

Final mastered formats include DDP Exabyte for CD Manufacture, DAT and CD-R. Other formats including 5.1 DVD Authoring by request


Please contact us for further details regarding your specific project and requirements


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