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    Hitso Digital offers International quality audio for picture in both of our world class audio suites. With it's talented, creative staff, and a vast selection of sound effects and music, Hitso Digital can give you the very best in high impact audio. 

All studios accept Betacam SP pictures in PAL format, with Digi-Beta available upon request, and both Studios include Random Access Digital Video storage to make your session fast and may also wish to find out more about music options for your film - either original music composition, or our high quality music libraries.


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Key Benefits

bulletVast selection of Library Music & Sound Effects plus a superb music composition and mixing service.
bullet48 Bit, RSP Digital Mixers in both Studios give more than double the power of a Logic 3
bulletComfortable, relaxed surroundings make long sessions a pleasure !
bulletAll our studios are acoustically designed so "what you hear is what you get " - no surprises !
bulletAll our operators speak both English and Thai fluently
bulletExcellent creative input from our operators in a relaxed, professional environment giving you the very best soundtrack possible.
bulletThe highest quality of equipment in all rooms, with top quality maintenance,  ensuring you superb final sound quality.


Professional, digital audio from mono up to 5.1 surround formats with accurate monitoring and full lock to timecode of all recorders including Timecode DAT, Barco picture monitors/projectors and Nuendo audio editors in all rooms giving the best quality, speed and flexibility....

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Studio 1    
The perfect room for high end work. Stunning clarity and a huge range of both Library music and Sound Effects. 

Fully Digital Room with 144 fader Project X Digital Mixer, Nuendo Editor and Portia digital video, 48 track digital audio recording and mixing locked to digital hard disc video and Betacam SP.  Comfortable environment with full surround sound including 5.1 and Dolby Pro-Logic TM compatible encoders/decoders, Genelec and TAD monitors, Barco picture monitors and projector, extensive special effects libraries and outboard effects processors....


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Studio 1 equipment specification


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Studio 2

A Stunning room for high quality TVC work with a huge range of Library music and Sound Effects. Superb clarity and detail. 

Fully Digital Room with 48 fader Project X Digital Mixer, Nuendo Editor and Portia digital video, 48 track audio recording, 24 track Mixing (Studio 1 for 48 track mixes). Genelec and JBL monitors. Dolby Pro-Logic TM compatible encoders/decoders for surround sound, all locked to both digital hard disc video and Betacam SP ......


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on Studio 2 equipment



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