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An introduction to our Acoustic Design Services

Hitso Acoustics was founded in 1993, in Thailand, and are Acoustic Design Consultants and System Integrators with considerable experience of a wide range of solutions to acoustics and equipment problems. Our senior consultant moved from England to Thailand and has been based here for the past twelve years.

We have the experience, knowledge and understanding to be able to design, specify, supply and install systems ranging in size from small restaurant background music systems, through Discos, Nightclubs and Auditoriums, to large scale Recording Studios, Mastering Suites and Broadcast facilities.

We pride ourselves in being able to offer creative solutions, and are able to supply either standard equipment or one-off custom systems to exactly fit a clients needs. Either directly, or through our associate companies we are able to offer a very wide range of equipment including products from;

Ashley, Bellari, KRK, Barco, Earthworks, SADiE, Otari,  Rolls, Studio-Tech, TAD, Neuman, Shure, RME, Audiomatica, The Project X Digital Mixing Console, Mogami Oxygen Free Cable, Neutrik Connectors, Prism, and various other manufacturers including a rage of custom designed monitors to fit specific control room environments. Please contact us for more details.

We are probably the only acoustic consultants in Bangkok who own the advanced acoustic test equipment needed to correctly analyze rooms and buildings before, during and after design and construction. Our test system can perform M.L.S. and Fast Fourier Transform analysis with full waterfall display of level, frequency and time/phase. This equipment allows us not only to understand a room more fully before starting any modifications to it, but also allows us to verify that a completed room is performing to specification. Once loudspeakers and other equipment have been added to the room we can then align all of this equipment to get the best overall performance from the room/loudspeaker combination. This assures you not only of good room performance but also that the other pieces of equipment that have purchased are being utilized to the best of their capabilities.

Our experience in Thailand includes the design, construction and supervision of the following projects;

bulletAn audio post mixing suite for Kantana Broadcast, Bangkok with accurate control room acoustics down to 30Hz
bullet3 Radio Studios for JSL Co., Ltd. in Bangkok including all air conditioning and power cable systems to full broadcast specification. We also constructed a news studio and production suite comprising of control room and studio and central machine room. The whole complex included floated floors and silent air conditioning to NR20 specification.
bulletA large television studio and recording studio for Thai Farmers Bank head office including high sound isolation and extensive acoustic design and construction.
bulletA custom voice over studio and control room for IT Star (World Phone)
bulletDesign and supervision of the construction of one large, and one small, music recording studio for PolyGram Records in Royal City Avenue and Prakanong Thailand including the design and build of custom 4-way active, main loudspeaker monitors for the Control Room.
bulletInitial acoustic design work, in conjunction with local architects 110 Co., Ltd. for the Hua Cheaw University auditorium, the intended new home for the Bangkok Symphony Orchestra.
bulletDesign and supervision of the acoustic construction and electronics specification for "Divine", a large 4-floor discotheque on Silom Road with an extensive custom built sound system and accompanying acoustic system. The owners required, and got, world class audio performance within a limited budget as a result of using both custom equipment designed by us for Divine, as well as heavily modifying standard JBL and Amcron equipment to provide the highest specification of performance.
bulletDesign and supervision of acoustic construction for Tawan Daeng Brewery to provide a clear, rich and detailed sound in what would normally be a large, reverberant hall. Supply of high quality, custom TAD loudspeaker system, digital control system, and all wiring and installation.
bulletDesign, construction and wiring and equipment supply for a Recording studio and Control Room at the new head office of Ammarati Puris Lintas Advertising Agency
bulletPrivate recording studio and control room design and construction for Grammy music producer.
bulletDesign and construction of a 2 Studio, Music Recording and Audio Post complex in Sukhumvit Road including equipment supply and installation.

We are very happy to work on projects independently, or in conjunction with architects and interior designers and we have sufficient working knowledge of construction techniques to be able to assist in finding low cost solutions to most construction problems.

We usually provide a package price to include design work, construction materials and labour, equipment supplies and installation, site supervision of key construction stages and final audio analysis of the completed room. We can, however, customize a package to suit your specific needs.

We look forward to being of assistance to you.


Tim Beale

Managing Director

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